Red Bluff Cemetery District
Red Bluff Cemetery

Rules & Regulations:

  1. The Cemetery grounds are sacred and those who enter should do so with a reverent attitude.  The Cemetery authorities are vested with full police power to arrest without warrant any offender in any District Cemetery.  They are directed to arrest any person caught removing flower frames, potted plants, etc. from the lots, plots, graves or niches, or from any building in the Cemetery.  They are directed to expel any person or persons disturbing its sanctity by boisterous or other improper conduct, carrying firearms, or who shall violate any of the foregoing rules.
  2. No funeral can be received or held at the Cemetery, no body can be interred and no remains can be disinterred or removed from the Cemetery, until the permit required by the State of California and local authorities has been filed with the District.
  3. All property situated in any Cemetery under the jurisdiction of the District is the sole property of the District and no person, firm, organization or corporation shall have any interest or right except as granted by the Rules and Regulations of the District or by the laws of the State of California.
  4. The District shall take reasonable precautions to protect property and the property rights of property owners, within the Cemeteries, from loss or damage; but it disclaims all responsibility for the loss or damage from causes beyond its reasonable control, and especially, from damage caused by the elements, and the acts of God, common enemy, vandals, malicious mischief and accidents.
  5. Each person, firm, corporation, association or funeral home requesting an interment in the Cemetery shall contact and schedule such interment with the District before making public the time of burial.  All arrangements must be completed by 12:00 noon on the working day preceding the requested interment.  All Saturday services must have the arrangements completed 48 hours prior to the service. No interments shall be performed on Sundays or any National Holiday.  Saturday services may be performed at an additional overtime fee as set forth in the Schedule of Fees.  All final graveside services that shall conclude later than 4:00 pm shall be subject to the regular overtime fee as set forth in the Schedule of Fees
  6. No more than one monument or marker may be placed upon any grave space.  Said monument or marker shall be placed at the head of the grave.
  7. In all Veteran’s Plots within the Cemeteries, no headstone, monument or marker will be permitted that is not issued by the Government of the United States and said headstone, monument or marker must be the same type as used in that particular plot.
  8. In all lawn sections of Oak Hill or Saint Mary’s Cemeteries, no shrubs or plants will be permitted.  Rose trees and rose bushes will be allowed in sections allowing upright headstones.
  9. No tree, plant or flowers grown on a lot shall be removed or trimmed by any individual without the consent of the District. All planting of trees, plants or flowers must be in accordance with these Rules and Regulations and under the direction of the proper Cemetery authority.  Planting by individuals will not be permitted.
  10. No vase or container of any kind will be permitted to be imbedded upon any grave except in the concrete mat which surrounds the monument or marker.
  11. Funeral designs, flowers, flower frames and plants will be removed from any lot, plot, grave or niche when they become unsightly.  Employees will decline to attempt to find them after being removed.  Boxes, shells, vases, cans, bottles, wooden stakes or metal devices, etc. and similar articles are inconsistent with the proper keeping of the Cemetery and will be removed without notice to the property owner.
  12. Artificial flowers, which do not have wire reinforcing, will be permitted only if placed in the containers that have been placed in the monument or marker and are of such size and shape as not to interfere with the mowing of lawns, or the general upkeep of the cemetery with the exception of Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  On these occasions, potted plants, baskets of flowers and wreaths may be placed for seven days at the owner’s responsibility.  All such items will be not removed by family in seven days will be removed and disposed of by District employees.
  13. The District shall in no respect whatsoever, be held responsible for damage to, or loss of any picture, ornament, emblem or any other item that shall be attached to any monument, headstone or permanent marker, nor shall the District be held responsible for any theft or disappearance of flowers or containers of any description, or for any damage that shall be caused by substandard materials or work done by others.
  14. Any person shall be in violation of County Ordinance 685 who shall commit any of the following acts:  loiter, prowl or wander upon the premises of a Cemetery without visible or lawful business thereon, to ride a motorcycle or bicycle without lawful business thereon or to shoot or discharge a firearm, fireworks, B-B gun, pellet gun, slingshot or other type of weapon upon the premises of a Cemetery.
  15. Children under sixteen years of age will be allowed in the Cemetery only if accompanied by a responsible adult.
  16. Dogs will be allowed in the Cemetery if kept confined to the automobile of the visitor, or on a leash.
  17. Signs and advertisements of any description are strictly prohibited in any part of the Cemetery.