Red Bluff Cemetery District
Red Bluff Cemetery

Oak Hill Cemetery

Oak Hill Cemetery was established in 1859 by the Odd Fellows and Masonic Lodges and completed in 1861. Today we have over 15,000 burials here.  Oak Hill Cemetery is located on Cemetery Lane, off Walnut Street approximately ¾ mile from Main Street.

St. Mary's Cemetery

Saint Mary’s Cemetery was established by the Sacred Heart Catholic Church of Red Bluff in 1883 and contains about five acres.  There are about 1800 burials at here.  This cemetery was operated by the District for many years by authority of a lease from the Catholic Church.  In 1989, it was formally deeded to the District.  Saint Mary’s Cemetery is located on Hook Road, off of Walnut Street approximately 1 mile from Main Street.

Lowrey Cemetery

The Lowrey Cemetery about 35 miles southwest of Red Bluff was developed by the church. They made their first burial in 1880. There are about 45 burials that we are aware of in Lowrey. In April 2002 the Trustees of the Red Bluff Cemetery District declared the Lowrey Cemetery idle.  To get to Lowrey Cemetery from Red Bluff, take Red Bank Road west of Red Bluff to Lowrey Cemetery Road.

It is our mission to act as guardians of family and community heritage, to strive to fulfill our vision of a beautifully landscaped living memorial, where families and the public come to honor and celebrate life and memories in a peaceful environment; while maintaining comprehensive interment services at a reasonable cost.